Dormont is a 500 hectare rural estate in the heart of Annandale in Dumfries and Galloway, 5 miles to the south west of the market town of Lockerbie and half a mile north of the neighbouring village of Dalton



Dormont Estate, Dalton, Lockerbie, Dumfries & Galloway

The Estate has been in the continuous ownership of the Carruthers family since 1452 - the present encumbent representing the 13th generation. It is thought that the Carruthers family may be descendants of Cole Hen, King of Cumbria (or Old King Cole as he became known) because one of his sons Rhideris built a caer, or castle, near Ecclefechan. The Caer of Rhideris later became Carruthers. The remains of the old castle can be seen on the farm of that name - Carruthers Farm. The land of Dormont was first granted to the Carruthers family by Robert the Bruce

The old house was situated where the fishing lake car park is now and there was originally a fortified tower with commanding views over the river Annan to the north. This was replaced in Georgian times with a very beautiful house which later burned down. A new house was built in 1830 to a Victorian style and it would be then that the grounds were landscaped with fine gardens and an ornamental lake. But the great social changes that took place after the Second World War meant that the house had to be abandoned and was eventually demolished in 1953, All that remains is part of the vaulted basement passage

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