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Energy Performance

These new homes tackle climate change impacts and rural fuel poverty head on. The resulting very low energy bills effectively remove the threat of fuel poverty from rural households, that are off the mains gas grid, for the lifetime of these homes.

A two year study has shown that the heating, lighting and hot water for a 3-bedroom (6 person) house cost as little as £100 a year – about a tenth of the average heating cost alone for a similar home in the UK (see chart below) – and that total energy costs were only around £500 a year.

Energy CompEnergy Use

After 4 years of living at Dormont Park and experiencing such low energy bills tenants are saying:

“For the first time in my life I have been able to afford to buy a new cooker”

“Because we are spending so much less on fuel bills we can now afford to spend more time together as a family”

“We hadn’t had a holiday in 20 years until this year”